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Full Version: Holla at me y'all
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Hey guys, I'm Dr. Saturn.

I played on the TTT servers here a couple years ago and am recently getting back into the whole Gmod scene.
Glad to be with you guys, y'all are fun and hilarious. I'm on the Morbus server a lot, so that's where you'll probably see me.
Welcome back 7 kb/s

I hope we can get together again!!
Hello Sir Frag Grenade- I mean, Dr. Saturn!
There are a lot of names that I could give you right now, but I'll keep the rest for myself.
Welcome aboard to the forums! 8)
Glad ya love us, cuz we're going to love ya back  8)
Glad to see you joined the forums!

Looking forward to playing w/you again.
sorry, i dont remember you. Welcome anyway
hello :3 welcome to the forums~
I don't recall you under the alias Dr.Saturn.  Although I believe i have an idea of who you are.

Welcome back to the forums sir!

is he frag magnet?
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