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Full Version: Hi I'm Krista Katie (°ロ°)☝
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Hi ! I'm Krista Katie
You can ether call me Katie or Krista it no matter to me.
I was invited to the TTT server By my AwesomeSauce Sis Meoki You guys know her as Princess Bubblegum(pb). She invited me a couple of times before i actually joined the server because i was already in my own Gmod TTT  community (my first community and first TTT server i ever joined) Where i was mod untill it shut down a couple of mouths ago.The founder of the server just straight up packed his sh*t and left without no warning basically.We all had mixed feels about this when it happen since we were kinda like family (at least the people that poped in at least once a week). BUT yea i joined pb when she invited me like 3or4 days ago and i think some of you guys are pretty cool... SO here i am giving you guys and gals a little taste of me  Tongue (get you'r f*cking head out of the gutter)
  :azn:Another thing to mention about me is my voice ...yes my voice i have a high pitched voice most servers i go on gag me once they hear it because they think its a voice changer or just plain annoying.I can understand why people would think my voice is ''fake'' and i'm kinda used to people thinking that but i can assure you its not  :o .My ''normal'' voice is high and to be honest i like it that way. My voice can get deeper or higher depending on my mood and how Happy  :laugh: or Sad  :'( I am . But Besides all of that stuff i hope i will fit in and have fun with you all <3

Someone weirder than PB? Impossible!

Hola, bienvenido a Tectonic-Gaming!

Stay away from Taurvi's Van and you'll be fine :p
Welcome! Good to see more people joining the forums.

(01-26-2015, 02:34 AM)Krista Katie link Wrote: [ -> ]PS: IM SUPPER WERID \\\\CAUTION////
Pfft, you haven't met Taurvi yet have you?  :laugh:
(01-26-2015, 02:49 AM)°Drãkáñéñ° ™ link Wrote: [ -> ]Someone weirder than PB? Impossible!
What's this supposed to mean ehhhh??! (⊙﹏⊙✿)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

Anyway, welcome Katie! Have fun in this server and don't hesitate to ask anything if you have questions。
Also behave when you are asked to huehue  :azn:
If Taurvi gives you a candy and leads you to his van, remember the trusty knife I gave you。。
She threatened to cut off my dick with a knife.

Welcome to the forums Katie
Welcome to the home of the weird and the land of the freaks. You seem to fit in quite well.
(01-26-2015, 02:34 AM)Krista Katie link Wrote: [ -> ]PS: IM SUPPER WERID \\\\CAUTION////

no sh- I mean, HI!  ;D I've had the pleasure of playing with ya, so welcome to the forums. Hopefully, you'll make a great addition to the family.  :azn:

Also, don't worry about Taurvi's van, Boat's Sex Dungeon is a lot worse. From what I've seen, boats wants you in it  <3.

Welcome to the forums Kappa
Joined right when I come back to playing with these scrubs. Ayyeee. Pretty hard to see how you're related to PB but then the same goes for me and my sis PJSalt.
[Image: avatar_d11cf49dd893_128.png]
Yup. What a greeting.
TL;DR but welcome.
*Insert generic Taurvi joke here*

Welcome! I plan on playing more now that I'm home for a bit so maybe il see you on the server!
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