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ttt_utility - Development Abandoned
It looks great! Almost makes me want to try my hand at map making again... you wouldn't happen to be teaching classes would you? Big Grin
Is it on the testing server as of yet? Oh, and I need the password too, it changed from "testing" to something else I presume.
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No, but you're welcome to hang out with me in TS and watch me stream when I work on it. I'm also happy to answer questions.
PM me for details, I'm not willing to post the link publicly as it belongs to another community and that would be advertising.

Keep in mind, we're in pre-alpha, it's not /playable/ yet, but you can load it up on a server or gmod to scope out how far along I am. I mean, you can play on it, but there's like 6 guns and ammo and it's missing a lot of content.
Mapping Stream is Up!
Estimated Duration: 2-4 Hours

Stream is finished! Thank you to those who tuned in. I will be doing more of these in the future.
(03-20-2013, 05:18 AM)Dreamweaver link Wrote:
Mapping Stream is Up!
Estimated Duration: 2-4 Hours

And I was blown away. I highly suggest all prospective mappers watch it - it gives you a great idea about the level of thought and complexity that goes into map making.
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]
NEW! Major alpha update, I suggest you all play it~ New medias, too.
Map is chugging along, I expect it won't be more than a week or two to completion.
Mapping Stream On Now!
Estimated Duration: 4-6 Hours

Stream is over! Thankyou to those who tuned in.
NEW MEDIA! (Holy shit I haven't forgotten about this project?)

Media for the warehouse and sewers have been added.

No new playable alpha at this time due to some level design bugs that need to be fixed, and will require some large-scale editing.
There is another map - Summer/Winter mansion, that has a way to turn off the power. I must say though - I like your way a lot better, because at least you can still "see". Your vision is impaired, but you should be able to still see people sneaking around without flashlights.
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]
You can't see fuck all in the corridor to the generator room (without flashlight), I love that.
[img width=400 height=200][/img]<br />
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