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Would You Rather?
Some game that I usually see from different kinds of forum sites, and also an alternative game for TGF besides the Alphabet Game.

So what you'll have to do for this is:
  • The person above you will post a would you rather, i.e, would you rather smell like a stink bomb, or have bad luck for the rest of your life
  • The next person will answer, and post another would you rather

Okaaaaaay I'll start~

Would you rather always have to say everything on your mind
never speak again
[center][img width=269 height=200][/img]<br />everything you need to know about me
I would rather say everything that's on my mind. Then I could be like Doctor Who =D Well, and I'd probably be put in a mental institution. But I hear they have fantastic pudding.

So, here goes:

Take a bullet to the stomach, or a sledgehammer to the groin?
[Image: pauly-d-lazer.gif?w=157]
Bullet to the gut.

Would you rather, Fuck a goat and have nobody know about it, or not fuck a goat and have everyone think you did.
[img width=500 height=83][/img]
Fuck a goat and have nobody know about it. o__O

Would you rather, Drink a glass of Phlegm or Eat a cup sized snot.

[img width=356 height=200][/img]<br /><br />&quot; I know you may not believe this, but I'm human.<br />And yet... I want to eat this so bad, I can't help it. <br />But if I do, I won't be human anymore. &quot; - Ken Kaneki
Phlegm, its already down my throat anyway.

Would you rather;
    -Watch but don't listen to your parents having sex
    -Listen but don't watch to your parents having sex
[img width=400 height=200][/img]<br />
(04-26-2014, 01:23 PM)Talmera pid=' Wrote:<br />you are a mean person not fit for human consumption.<br />
Listen to, but not watch. It's not like I don't already, they make noises like cows in heat and I sleep right across a wall from them.

Would you rather
Go down on a grandpa
Have a grandma go down on you?
Im a pretty big grandmas boy so ;D

Would you rather choke on a Hotdog, or 2 meatballs.
(05-06-2013, 11:58 AM)F-ingChickenNuggies link Wrote:Would you rather choke on a Hotdog, or 2 meatballs.

Is both an option?

Would you rather get pepper sprayed or tased?
Tased? Is it that from that stun gun? XD
If so, both sounds painful but I guess I'll have to go with tased.

Would you rather
Die by drowning
Die by getting burned?
[center][img width=269 height=200][/img]<br />everything you need to know about me
Die by drowning
Can't hold my breath so long in fire

Would you rather, get a glass of cold water?
Or take a nap?
[img width=500 height=166][/img]

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