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Help with starting to learn to map
You don't want to use booleans in any editors ever lol, it's just not optimized at all,. avoid concave single piece shapes, collision doesn't like concave shapes.
It just causes one bad problem after another.

You can use booleans sparingly, just don't use them alot on the same shape.
using carve on a single piece should not cause problems, if you use it again and again on the same piece it probably will

(post modified & double post deleted. Do try to clean up your own messes, hm? Smile )
Do not attempt to use carve at all unless you plan on not optimising your map... I recommend trying to do as much manual shaping as possible to start. There is a mapper called 3Kliksphilip on YouTube who did some good tutorials for starters.<br />A wake up call<br /><br />Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much. - Oscar Wilde
I'm about to open it up, if anyone wants to join my first looks into the Source SDK as a veteran with game engines... could start streaming it haha

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