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Sonador returns to mapping
With the update to BSPZIPGUI, I should be able to zip in a few files into my maps so I can take creative liberty where need be, so long as it's planned. With that, I'll be returning to mapping. For the record, ttt_utility_v2 will unfortunately never be released. It's too disorganized and jumbled with custom content to ever meet what it needs to be, and it kills me that a map I sunk months in is simply too complicated for me to release.

That said, my first mapping project will be for MORBUS.
MORBUS is tons of fun, but the maps available, in my honest opinion, are extremely lacking, and I'd like to get more of our community involved in playing.
It is VERY likely that once I've completed each map, I'll convert it to TTT. This consititues some corridor length reduction, re-arming, and the removal/addition of some map logic entities, which could take up to two days.

The plans for your perusal:

A map that will include subway tunnels, subway platforms, and a subsurface mall. Lends itself to MORBUS well, with long corridors, vents, need satisfaction zones far apart, and dim lighting.

A power plant. Lots of grid tunnels, long hallways, vents, and gathering places. Explorational hazards abound. (Can you say OSHA violation?)

An eeire, dimly lit series of city streets with closed shops, abandoned apartments, and urban decay abound. May or may not feature sewer tunnels.


Think Resident Evil. An old, abandoned manor with long hallways, dark staircases, and a catacomb-like basement library.

Get your votes in, poll ends in 48 hours.
It's good to be back.
which one has a meat grinder??
my vote goes to the one with the meat grinder
but im tore between manor and block
I don't even know which to vote for cause they all sound good but I would love to see you make all 4 of them though to get some new maps into Morbus c:
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Whatever doesn't win makes it to the next round along with a new entry. I'll keep churning them out as much as I can.
I definitely want to see a map that is very different from the current Morbus map listings. They all have that kind of space station feel to them and it would be cool to see a map with some variation and stuff!
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Huge yes vote for mor_metro from me.  Just thinking about all the different lighting configurations (is it night, and do only some of the lights in the mall work only half the time?) and open/narrow configurations you could accomplish with this (tunnels everywhere!) makes me all excited just thinking about it.  There's a lot of room on a theme like this to try new things with morbus map design.
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