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CSS/TTT Mapping Tutorial (Work In Progress)
WARNING!! Mapping is very stressful.
First of All this is a Work in Progress! This means not everything you need to know will be included. PM me for more help if you need it
if I made a mistake please correct me Big Grin
You want to locate Hammer first:
Set-up Hammer for TTT:
Once you locate it you want to go to Badking's (The creator of TTT) website: (you want to follow his setup)
After that you want to open Hammer and click file>new.
What are all of these icons, grids, and pictues (Tool Explaination)?
They mean this! (Image Link to see bigger version)
[Image: vy93W9v.png]
Then you're ready to set off!!!
How do I make spawn points?? (Watch this video)
How do I make a prop???
There are 3 different kinds of props.
It's a prop that can move, so that means it can be grabbed by a magneto stick.
An example would be: a barrel, a crate, and a chair.
Its a prop that can't move, so that means it can't be grabbed by a magneto stick. Its basically the exact opposite of a prop_physic
An example would be: a railing, a fence, and a vending machine.
It's prop that has a special thing to it. That's why it says dynamic, it usually has some sort of animation. A prop_dynamic is depending on the prop it can be taken by a magneto stick and again depending on the prop not able to grab.
Watch this video on how to place them:

(Currently Adding More)
[img width=500 height=135][/img]
You might wanna work on your formatting,
(04-05-2014, 11:49 PM)Rexysmexy link Wrote: You might wanna work on your formatting,
yeah I plan to organize it when I add everything it needs.
[img width=500 height=135][/img]

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