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Welcome to the forums! Hope to see you ingame!
i remember u when I was playing with bronx deh idiot.
[img width=500 height=135][/img]

I doubt you will see me around the servers very much, but I still lurk the forums like a hawk (ಠ n ಠ)

Welcome to the community.

[Image: tumblr_n2q7cgsqfG1s18m8ho2_500.gif]

Welcome to the fourms, I'm the psychotic one.
Anyways, remember to stare at the epicness of angerbeard's beard and get candies from Taurvi.
[Image: Monstruo.gif] <br /><br />Hey, listen. If you are stressed and really need someone to talk to PM me, I'll always be there.<br /><br />The stupid, innocent girl is always on my mind.

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