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Hello everyone!
Hi there, welcome to Tectonic Gaming. Hope you enjoy your stay Big Grin
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Played with you earlier, nice to meet you, welcome and I hope you enjoy.

This community now owns your soul.  :-X
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JESUS!! SO many Morbus people. DAAAAANNGGG!! Welcome!  ;D
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Greetings and salutations mr.

I hope you enjoy our nice peaceful little community we have here.

Crowbar Taurvi if you ever see him online and tell him "BLOG FUCKING ROCKS!"
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Welcome to here...person 8)
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Hi.  Big Grin
hello and welcome!
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Welcome~ <3
[right]<br />Nekomimi <3<br />[Image: c083cd6cd930bd8f2aea09125354b272]<br />[quote='Tenryuu' pid='' dateline='1405037305']Shymapler asked if she was the one at fault since Taurvi acted ready to accept her and why she was so wet
(06-03-2014, 10:44 AM)chicken789 link Wrote: JESUS!! SO many Morbus people. DAAAAANNGGG!! Welcome!  ;D

Morbus is number one all time best server ever, nuff said. And glad you made it to the Forums - glad to see people wish to become part of our growing community. If there's anything you need please let us know and also don't be afraid to use the shoutbox if no admins are on the server and stuff gets crazy.

Kitty Supreme
Yup, I'm an asshole....Steam ID:BlahBlah has been banned for (40200 minutes).
Welcome to the community, hope to see you on the other servers once in a while. Though I mainly do play ttt so I hope to get the change to know you better through that Smile

P.S. if taurvi offers you candy, just run
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