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Welcome, I can prevent people from poking you for a low, low cost of $1000; furthermore, Taurvi over here can help you triple your money if you give him $500 in three days!
[right]<br />Nekomimi <3<br />[Image: c083cd6cd930bd8f2aea09125354b272]<br />[quote='Tenryuu' pid='' dateline='1405037305']Shymapler asked if she was the one at fault since Taurvi acted ready to accept her and why she was so wet
ignore taurvi and anything involving Shy Co. as they are a cheating slanderous company with no morals or values! Blog Inc. can take care of anything you ever need.

Welcome to the forums B). <3
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Hi you haven't met me and you probably don't want to because im weird *eye twitches* Hi you haven't met me and you probably want to because im awesome *eye twitches* Hi you should play with me on ttt i am an orange
Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle<br /><br />Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.<br /> --&nbsp; T.S. Eliot<br /><br />[Image: ZombiesSignature.jpg]
This is like 2 weeks old btw so whoever posted after nhazul = super late...
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