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Zombies have begun sprouting up everywhere. In the first two days, over 30% of the population of your country has been infected so far and that number is climbing extremely quickly. It's day 3, and you've finally begun stocking up. Chaos has not set in entirely yet, so while people are on edge, they're not violent unless provoked.
If you live in America, only get things that you would be able to reasonably acquire within around 3 hours (so if you want a super neat rifle, you must live within 3 hours of a gun store irl, which I'm sure most Americans do). If you don't live in America, pick something that you think is a feasible option.

Weight is an important thing to factor in.
If your gear weighs
10kg or less - Good to go. You can walk and run at basically normal speeds with all your gear on.
10kg-20kg - You will be slightly slower but the difference will not be extremely noticeable unless you are very out of shape.
20kg-30kg - You will be noticeably slower and will have trouble even moving with your gear on unless you are very strong and in shape.
30kg-40kg - Without extreme military-grade training you struggle to move for even small periods of time, and speed is out the window at this point.
40kg-50kg - You better hope to god your plan involves you bunkering down and never moving more than about 30 yards, because you're on par with a turtle at this point. Even moving is extremely tiring for you.
50kg+ - You can't move. At all. Unless you plan on becoming the stationary door guard for some neat new civilization that comes out of the ruins, you're going to die.

Ammo count is important as well. You'll want at least 3-4 magazines for your primary weapon, and at least one spare for your secondary. Ammunition will be somewhat available for the first few weeks but it will become more and more scarce. Keep that in mind as you choose a weapon.

Alright, wall of text is over. Here's mine. Weighed 9.45kg.

[Image: td0B0f3.png]
Every single item I have here is an item I could acquire within about 90 minutes (assuming it hasn't been looted already).The idea is scavenging, looking for what I can. 6 MP5 mags and 3 M9 mags, both weapons carry the same ammunition, which is also a very common ammunition so I doubt I'd run out anytime soon. Lots of storage for anything I find out scavenging. Light weight means faster travel and more ability to recon and scope out areas.
I'm also trying to get better at writing so I might write some stories based off information you give me on your character. If they suck don't yell at me.

[Image: KmSOkOV.png]
23kg, more of a scout sniper style. SKS with large amounts of ammo to kill whatever needs to be killed. No remorse, kill for supplies, kill or be killed. No more police means no more consequences. Hide out in buildings for days at a time and scout out areas for scavenging and permanent basing.
&quot;If my voice is valid, it is valid everywhere, not where&nbsp;it is permitted.&quot; -Ronald Campbell<br />[Image: 0rpriK6.gif]
funnily enough i actually live within 10 minutes from the only gun store in my town XD (fixed your link for you) I'll report back with how i go Tongue

[Image: result.jpg]

Statistically speaking the most likely weapon I would acquire would be the s&w revolver since it's now considered police surplus after they finally switched to glocks a few years ago, due to its loud nature I would most likely have to rely on a melee weapon probably a machete as the main way to dispatch threats. For the first month or so if the satellite networks remain operational a smart phone and satellite phone are crucial if only to get a grasp on what the worlds counteractive plans are, compass and map are a good fallback once the smartphones gps becomes inactive. Messenger bags can be cut loose easier and don't compromise silhouette but sacrifices some bag space, a standard medkit, toolkit and rations would be stored in it. Wearing a vest increases protection from scratches to the chest and gives additional space for storage. most of it's contents are self explanatory except the flare which would mainly be used as a distraction against Zeds.

I based this loadout on what would be most likely obtained if i had to accumulate supplies quickly.<br />A wake up call<br /><br />Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much. - Oscar Wilde
Oooh, I love this game.

[Image: 9rOCInU.jpg]

This is the most realistic loadout I could come up with. Grab non-perishables from pantry, hope
the gun case key is laying around, nab favorite beret, and run away. I'd die by the end of the week.

I have lot's more saved, nothing realistic though.
[img width=500 height=36][/img]
(07-11-2014, 06:56 AM)Dr. Saturn (7kb/s) link Wrote: Oooh, I love this game.

[Image: 9rOCInU.jpg]

This is the most realistic loadout I could come up with. Grab non-perishables from pantry, hope
the gun case key is laying around, nab favorite beret, and run away. I'd die by the end of the week.

I have lot's more saved, nothing realistic though.
Is that gun a .22?
&quot;If my voice is valid, it is valid everywhere, not where&nbsp;it is permitted.&quot; -Ronald Campbell<br />[Image: 0rpriK6.gif]
(07-11-2014, 06:58 AM)Shenannergans link Wrote: Is that gun a .22?

Yes, .22 lr bolt action with a small red dot sight. It's the only rifle we own at home.
[img width=500 height=36][/img]

Look like a villain, better than the hero. Faster than the speed of zero.

Melee is always a first, never waste ammo. The 2 pistols are NOT for dual wield, they are for when I can't reload quickly. The face gear, while it looks cool, keeps dust and debris out of my vision. Always carry cold medicine and items for small cuts, never to treat bites.
[Image: Jtsc7F5.png]
This one was pretty good, the weight was 11.6kg but the bulk suit didn't weigh anything, so speaking realistically it'd be more around 22-25kg, including the weight of the suit.

After the war, more and more groups began popping up. Even those that we hadn't seen for a while. There were nazis, commies, even the republicans and democrats began banding together. Everything became one political game as everyone fought to restore order in the exact way they wanted. Only about 25% of the human population was uninfected at this point, with that number staying fairly static as more and more people realized the threat and took precautions.

Alex spoke decent Russian. He grew up in uptown New York City with one of the largest Russian populations around, and while he wasn't ethnically Russian, many of them accepted him as one of theirs. When the infection broke out, many of the leaders in the community began hulling down their houses, shops, and storefronts. Weapons were not uncommon around this area, despite New York's pre-infection gun laws. Roughly a month after the infection began, people started organizing together, taking over New York's city hall. Alex was among this group, though all he had was a pistol at this time. He never shot that pistol, though he watched the brutal efficiency with which his friends and allies cleared out the city hall building with raiders. Afterwards, they had begun setting up defenses, and spray painted a large hammer and sickle on the outside of the building.

In a daring move, the primary budding Nazi group, referring to themselves as the Fourth Reich, attacked the building day after day, and Alex, who was unlucky enough to be assigned to guard duty on the day of the first attack, became the impromptu commander of the defense, and later the counter-attack. After four rough days of constant battle between the two factions, the nazi assault became weaker until finally the Reds gathered as many men as they could spare, and charged what they believed to be the headquarters of their foes. Later they'd find out that it was just a base, not the proper command post, but the victory was celebrated with Alex's promotion to Commissar of the People's Army. His voice was the strongest with many of the leaders of what was now being known as the Red Union.

[I might keep going with this, probably won't. writing is haaaaard.]
&quot;If my voice is valid, it is valid everywhere, not where&nbsp;it is permitted.&quot; -Ronald Campbell<br />[Image: 0rpriK6.gif]
[Image: 6c46f64cfd86bbe495bbdf0753a6b3e8.png]

Well, Being a person who use to always have ideas about the scenario of a zombie apocalypse I really liked this. I'll do into detail about each item, I tried to keep this as realistic as I possibly can. The excessive health items are for the reason that where I live zombies wouldn't completely hoard, living in the middle of no would pay off. The problem of other humans arises, When everything goes to shit you can't trust expect everyone you meet to be the most trustworthy, I'd have the items to treat wounds if any were inflicted. Water is something that I think is essential, without proper hydration your pretty much fucked. The same goes with food, Protein bars and beef jerky can give you the energy needed to go on.

Hatchet is both a weapon and a utility item. Has the functionality of bashing in heads as well as chopping down tree's and possibly locked doors. Shotgun self explanatory. Watch can be handy for telling if I have enough time to scavenge for supplies or to turn back to shelter. Flint and steel for starting a fire when needed on cold nights. Swiss army knife since its versatile as fuck, has many different uses. Map for finding routes and to tell how large areas are so I can decide whether to avoid them or not. Flashlight for when it gets dark without a fire, useful If I get stuck out in the dark. Blanket for when the weather starts turning for the worse during winter. I assume that the jacket comes with a shirt under it, so if its too hot I can pack the jacket in the free backpack slot.

I'd have to say avoid towns and city's like the plague. Populated area's means the larger possibility of crowds of zombies. More zombies means the larger chance of being bitten. I'd say groups are alright as long as they are small enough and you trust the people. Larger groups means more people to trust, and people can hide secrets of being bitten. Which just ends up in a cluster fuck in the end. Wait it out til winter, head north, Canada has harsh winters. Zombies will freeze, and those unfortunate enough to not have proper shelter.
during an apocalypse I want to be able to hide. The element of surprise is the way to go. I can also slip in and out refill my water-bottle and such. I have the supplys to fix myself up if I get hurt. Enough food for a day or 2 but I can still loot buildings. Not everything will be gone, and I could also bandit my way some food.
[Image: xMDa54D.png]
I should've added a bipod...
[img width=500 height=135][/img]
[Image: 77a56feee5669ca6abcce7d15386b77f.png]

15kg( Probs around 19-22kg)

This is what I could get in my area at least and for myself specifically.
I live near to a police station that has weapon storage. I'm also near supermarkets and various equipment shops which most of this can be acquired from with ease. Any Utencil, tools etc - My brothers and fathers all have toolboxes filled with at least one of each from screwdrivers to hatchets to chainsaws and electric drills.

My main tactic would involve on the move to a stable location but I would always have a moderate stock of food on me at most times which would be set down when I find a place to lay low. I wear a sleeveless black vest so I can have as much manoeuvrability with my arms so if need be I can cut some zeds up.  I also need glasses as I'm short sighted any headgear other than helmets.

I want to create a stock at my location so i'm assured to have backup food and supplies in emergencies.

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