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o-oh, h-hi
i was told i should make an intro thread by

multiple people

so im making an intro thread


i take the express to everyone's heart!
nice to meeting you!! im sadist-chan, but you can call me vivi!!
i look forward to spending the year with you all!! bakkyun~!!

intro thread complete
[center]superfluous labor<br />of verification<br />[Image: dLe6OF2.gif][/center]
Welcome, welcome to the forums!

I hope you enjoy your time here Big Grin
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]
Nyaaa~ Welcome to the forums!!~

hope you enjoy your stay with us at tectonic x)
[Image: tumblr_n5kiiszSed1saxdy4o1_500.gif]
Welcome to the forums!

Beware of Taurvi's white van etc etc.

Enjoy your stay.
I would like to order 10 piece McNuggets, with a side of backstabbers.<br /><br />[img width=352 height=200][/img]
Been fun playing with ya on the server so far, Good to see you join the forums. Enjoy yer stay!
Welcome to the forums Sadest-Chan
Tis fun playing with you.

You'll find the whips, ball gags, blindfolds, rope & Purple Dragon Dildos candy in taurvi's basement.
Hello, welcome Saddest-chan! A pleasure playing with you and your other friend x3
Enjoy your time here in TG! If you have any questions/concerns feel free to ask your onii/nee-chan's!
[center][img width=269 height=200][/img]<br />everything you need to know about me
Hai~~~ Welcome to the forums!!
[right]<br />Nekomimi <3<br />[Image: c083cd6cd930bd8f2aea09125354b272]<br />[quote='Tenryuu' pid='' dateline='1405037305']Shymapler asked if she was the one at fault since Taurvi acted ready to accept her and why she was so wet
Welcome to the forums person I've gamed with on the server not much time.
I'm tired outta my mind but its too light to sleep  :'(
Boobs are like butts up on the chest - Danny Sexbang<br />[img width=285 height=200][/img]
Greetings and salutations. Welcome to the tectonic gaming forums. I know not who you are but i will find you. And educate you! .3.
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