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Hello I am Zalathan
I am Zalathan I am new to the forums but I have been on the Murder server for a few months and I have certainly liked many of the people I have met and I would be glad to meet others  :azn:
Finally! Welcome to the forums. :3 I hope you will get a great warm welcome and further enjoy our servers.
[right]<br />Nekomimi <3<br />[Image: c083cd6cd930bd8f2aea09125354b272]<br />[quote='Tenryuu' pid='' dateline='1405037305']Shymapler asked if she was the one at fault since Taurvi acted ready to accept her and why she was so wet
Herro! It's pretty rare to see somebody from murder, glad it's going to bring people in.
Thanks Nice to finally join part of the Community Smile
o god, it's a murder person, quick run!


welcome and enjoy your stay.

stay away from taurvi's candy van etc etc
I would like to order 10 piece McNuggets, with a side of backstabbers.<br /><br />[img width=352 height=200][/img]
Welcome welcome! I haven't had the chance to play with you Sad
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]
Hello I remember this ol' guy before! Great you've finally introduced yourself here!
Welcome to the forums~!!! Enjoy your stay! :-[
[center][img width=269 height=200][/img]<br />everything you need to know about me
Glad to see you joined the forums.
[img width=200 height=200][/img]
Welcome to the forums new Mod. I recognise your name but I haven't gamed in murder for a while.
Waiting for the craving.
Boobs are like butts up on the chest - Danny Sexbang<br />[img width=285 height=200][/img]
haha I remember playing with you a few time :3
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