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Have You Ever?
  • Answer the question of the person above you。
  • Then ask a "have you ever" question。
Since I am the first poster, I won't have to answer anything!

Have you ever failed an exam?
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Yes I have. I was skipping too much class in college because of burnout and I just couldn't catch up on material and was like FUUUCKIT.

Have you ever gotten into a car accident (small or major)?
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OH BOY, my mom and sister both suck at driving, so I've gotten in a few. NEVER AGAIN, i'll only ride with my dad. Still scared to try and get my license. How did THOSE 2 get one?

Have you ever gotten in a public fight, physically?
Truthfully, I don't really remember, I like have blocked all my memories of school, so probably.

Have you ever hurt yourself, trying to suck your own dick?
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I can't say I have.

Have you ever hooked up with someone while drunk and/or high?
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Never gotten high or too drunk to do silly things, so nope。

Have you ever slapped someone before?
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Never slapped but I've hurt people badly before

Have you ever seen weird things on a bus?           if so, need to hear bout it plz  :azn:
A middle-aged hispanic woman was massaging her breasts on the bus one time. Almost like a breast cancer check. Of course she had her shirt on, but it was very discombobulating to see her gyrating her lactation tubules in large orbital motions.......

Have you ever called someone a sir or ma'am when they were of the opposite sex? I.e. You're talking to a female for whatever context and at the end you without malice and hesitation said, "yes sir." What happened next?
Yup, I'm an asshole....Steam ID:BlahBlah has been banned for (40200 minutes).
OK! So my first time in ROTC, a military thing, I was being drilled by the company commander once, Rachel. She asked me a question , I got it right, so she said "Very good." and I replied "Thank you mam." Then, the XO (executive officer) took charge. He was muscular. He asked me a question later. SAME EXACT SCENARIO.  Not the best thing ever, I was doing push ups for 30 minutes straight.

Have you ever been to /b/?
no idea what that is, however ill assume its a deep dark depth of the internet. so no, i havent been there.

Have you ever gotten a friend addicted to PC Gaming?
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