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Map Suggestion Mega thread
Long story short, I wanted to go through my maps that I've collected over the years and try to bring some of them into TG for a new variety to spice up TTT. The maps without DL links are going to be ones that are already in the server map repository. If I have time I'll upload photos for a map if requested. I'll also further clarify my descriptions if they aren't clear enough for some of you.

Here we go, Lets roll!

ttt_abbottabad - Middle eastern type map. Has two different buildings people can get in with a large area in between them. The first house has 3 stories, while the second only has one. There's an outside part in the middle leading to the next house, and an outside part on the side potentially allowing people to escape without being seen.

ttt_avalon - This is a map with the same type of physics are Island
If you fall off the island you die, and you're corpse is teleported to the top of the map.
It's a high up cliff side that has a big mountain expanding upwards in the middle. It's really a fun map.

ttt_banque - This is a bank map. The inside of the bank is fully explorable
The outside of the bank has small corridors for people to make their ways back and forth from one side to the other
Above the bank is a tunnel system, which leads to a full roof.
Seems like it would be good with a large population or even a small.

ttt_christmastown - A personal favourite of mine (I'm not sure if the right version is on the server.)
What else can be said? It's a town equipted with christmas lights and other christmas things.
It's a fun and comfy map to play on. Lots of space, both out in the open and inside of houses. There's stores for people to explore, and there is a lot of space for people to wander around.

ttt_cliffside - A great map to play on.
There's an expansive inside of the building and a large roof for people to walk around.
The map size is rather small, but I feel it has alot of potential.
When the server gets a large population this one would be great to go to.

ttt_clue - Another personal favourite of mine
This map is a mansion type map. It has an attic, and 2 levels of rooms. All of which are accessible through the basement, and through secert doors in room.
Now one thing I've always heard about this map is that it is too small and C4 can take out a full server easily.
While this maybe true, if the map is small finding the C4 should have a much higher possibility.
There is a powerswitch to shut off all the lights in the map for more !FUN!

ttt_cluedo_b5 - This map is also, you guessed it, a mansion!
It has an expansive inside with many rooms.
There is an outside going around the entire map
The map has a basement with a tunnel going to one of the graves outside, and another on the other side with a ladder leading up.
There is a shed outside, if that's relevant.

ttt_countrytrain_b4 - Misleading name, there is no train.
Has 4 different houses and it's a darker map not allowing people to see far
Cool thing that I noted after loading it up for the first time in years is that there is an innocent objective.

ttt_crazy_cubes_b1 - It has alot of glass cubes that everyone can break to form the map. w
Has cubes going around the side for transportation. The glass being able to be broken can allow for alot of different map configurations. It's all up to the players to decide how it is shaped.

ttt_enzo - Has an expansive inside and outside.
The inside is filled with machines and factory type stuff
The outside has snow! It seems to be a loading platform of some kind. The outside has 3 levels
It seems to have alot of potential for larger populations.

On a serious note - This seems to be a subway station. It's really expansive and has alot of corridors
I feel the map size is just right

Xmas_nipperhouse - Alright here's the deal with this one. It's a christmas house, that has a expansive cliff side to the side of it for more goodies to the side of it.
Cool things to note, There is a radio and also a sleigh that goes around the map once activated. A really comfy map to play one and another one of my favourites

ttt_shevat_ka - This map is one that adds a bit of skill to TTT. There's a large risk of falling of you're death.
There's a lot of places to jump, and hop onto to get from one place to another. It's also really expansive giving a traitor lots of room to work with.

ttt_nightfever - It's an office complex that has an expansive outside with even a parking garage connected to it in 3 places. There's alot of room for people to work and lots for people to explore!


Edit: I know. Wrong section, could someone move this for me when they get a chance?
I've played ttt_cluedo and xmas_nipperhouse。
They're both fun maps。Please add them! Big Grin
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ttt_avalon is extremely bad. Just a mountain with little to no potential for interesting gameplay at all. Grassy says it's a good map as a joke; it's really, really bad.

clue is already on the map repository, and Sir P has a script to prevent the purchase of C4 for it (it's ridiculously OP; 2-3 C4s could wipe out the entire map). Would be a good addition.

ttt_cluedo_b5 is also a boring map with very limited gameplay. Props are all glued to the floor, windows are way too difficult to break (if you can even break them at all, I can't remember)...
It's just flat, lame, and repetitive. Very cramped too, even with just 16 people.

ttt_shevat_ka is a poor map as well. Suffers from the same problems as maps like cs_desperados. Way too open, almost exclusively rewards Sniper gameplay, and fall damage galore.

I kind of remember playing ttt_enzo as well, that wasn't too bad.
(01-29-2015, 12:59 AM)Princess Bubblegum link Wrote: I've played ttt_cluedo and xmas_nipperhouse。
They're both fun maps。Please add them! Big Grin

While I appreciate you think the maps are fun - more details would be nice >.<
[Image: XmM2GJ6.png]
(01-29-2015, 01:53 AM)Prince Taurvi link Wrote: While I appreciate you think the maps are fun - more details would be nice >.<
Xmas_Nipperhouse is a cramped map compared to the usual maps we play。
undead will definitely enjoy planting C4's in this map  :-[
There are 3 hot spots: the house, outside the house and the mountains
Traitors have to be really sneaky! Since the map is small. you can easily hear or follow people around。
There is also a sleigh you can ride on。Not much of a big deal but you can see a portion of the northern part of the map if you're in it (which is the outside and mountains) 。As for the mountains, this is where I usually hang out to see what's happening outside (since most people go outside) and also a good spot for sniping。

ttt_cluedo used to be my favourite because everyone gets a deagle but I guess it's going to be rearmed? T ~ T
The main reason why I like this map is because of how small and redundant it looks- maybe because everyone goes to the courtyard and every activities happen there(?), but there's so much to look into from the inside。The only downside for this map is there are not much props around that people play with。

Welp, this is all I can provide for xmas_nipperhouse and ttt_cluedo and my experiences of playing the maps 0:
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(01-29-2015, 01:53 AM)Prince Taurvi link Wrote: While I appreciate you think the maps are fun - more details would be nice >.<
I apologize, I'm really horrible at details. I can probley get some images up

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