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Buff to S.L.A.M. please.
I believe I'm able to post criticism here? Oh well. Not a forum person.
I think that getting just 1 S.L.A.M per credit is too much of a nerf.  Provided that I was definitely the most frequent 3 S.L.A.M user.

The S.L.A.M honestly by itself is terrible. It takes about 5 seconds to take it out and be able to place it, it makes a VERY loud noise when placed, has about a 1 or 2 second time til it actually activates, and so forth. It is basically a less lethal knife. Because, like the knife, you will only get about 1 kill with it.

3 S.L.A.M was definitely too strong, and I appreciate the nerf to it for that reason, but is there any way to buff it? Because even though you can buy an unlimited amount, its not like they can stack in your inventory. You have to buy one after one after one and deal with 5 seconds of placement time every time.

So, could you possibly make it so we could buy them, and they stack in our inventory? Or give us 2 S.L.A.Ms but not an unlimited amount?
Thank you.

[Image: 76561198054332435.png]
I'll make it pull out faster.

Tested it today and sometimes it would pull out quickly, sometimes it would take forever. I'd prefer if you could just instantly place it as soon as you take it out. It's not fun or necessary to wait.

I think being able to plant one for each credit makes more sense given the credit system. If you find a ton of credits, you can plant a ton of mines. With weapons you have to be holding them for them to be useful, but you can place as many mines as you want all over the place and forget about them.

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