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Slogan. - 76561198013563171 - 10-18-2012

right, as the name states I would like you all to try and devise a slogan, not because it's cool but because I want to have one sentence that defines the essence of Tectonic, Something that captures what we are about.

This "Slogan" will replace the SMF logo in the top right of every page.

Re: Slogan. - Dinomoto Mennovi - 10-18-2012

When the going gets tough, we'll fuck you up

Re: Slogan. - 76561198013563171 - 10-18-2012

hmmmm don't think it is quite us XD

Re: Slogan. - Dinomoto Mennovi - 10-18-2012

(10-18-2012, 04:59 PM)Talmera link Wrote: hmmmm don't think it is quite us XD

It is Strange, Deg and I... Oh all of us...got nothing.

Re: Slogan. - Elkieo - 10-18-2012

"Everything is better tectonic" is that the kinda shit your looking for?

Re: Slogan. - Shadowkill6095 - 10-18-2012

Get Tectonic or get out

Re: Slogan. - Crombie - 10-18-2012

"Never Trust Crombie"

"Tectonic or GTFO"

"Tectonic Gaming, the servers used by important people"

Re: Slogan. - Dinomoto Mennovi - 10-18-2012

Tectonic, the community of your dreams and nightmares

Re: Slogan. - Crombie - 10-18-2012

Dino's second, is pretty darn good...
makes me feel less worried about being... "Fucked up"

Re: Slogan. - Elkieo - 10-18-2012

Bitch please, we're tectonic