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(10-24-2012, 11:24 PM)Twerty link Wrote: In commemoration of the GMod 13 launch and playing TTT on servers that aren't T-G...

Tectonic-Gaming: An Oasis of Sanity in a Desert of Prepubescence

This, so far, is the best slogan out there.
How did you come up with such a beauty, such a remarkable slogan? ;-;
Cutting the dramatic crap. This is actually pretty agreeable.
[right]<br />Nekomimi <3<br />[Image: c083cd6cd930bd8f2aea09125354b272]<br />[quote='Tenryuu' pid='' dateline='1405037305']Shymapler asked if she was the one at fault since Taurvi acted ready to accept her and why she was so wet

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