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Shoutbox Q's: A New Game For The Forum!

I have an idea for a new game throughout the forums shoutbox.

It works like this:

In this game, questions can be asked on the shout box and score is granted to whoever guesses the fasted.
Questions can be asked based on a series of loose guidelines in the shoutbox by anyone.
The first person to answer the question correctly within the time limit gets a +score on the scoreboard thread.
The person with the most score gets bragging rights and glory, like the old times of Nintendo. The score is just for bragging rights.
When you get one right, you go to the Scoreboard and update your most recent wins and post proof.
[sup]Note: The shoutbox activity does not have to stop when a question is asked, it runs in the background.[/sup]

Let me break it down in example:

                              In Shoutbox:

HypnoprisM at 0 Mins: What was the #1 UK single for The Police in 1980 and what album was it in? 15 Minutes GO!

User 1 at 5 Mins: Shoutbox Q: Walking On The Moon on Reggatta de Blanc? (Wrong)

User 2 at 11 Mins: Shoutbox Q: Don't Stand So Close to Me on the album Zenyatta Mondatta. (Correct: Answered Correctly first within time limit.)

User 3 at 16 Mins: Shoutbox Q: Album = Zanyotta Mondotta, Song = Don't Stand So Near to Me. (Wrong: Typo'd and out of the 15 minute time limit.)

                                On Scoreboard:

Thread Post: Post Your Shoutbox Contest Score Proof Here (This will be jazzed up)

                                Champion: Taurvi with 46 wins!

                                Top Ten Players: Taurvi, User 2, User 6, User...

                                User 1: Correct: 5

                                User 2: Correct: 9

                                User 3 ...

                                User 4 ...

[sup](First post for each person is a score post and their score is edited within that post. Needs to be formatted!)[/sup]
User 1: My Scores - Correct: 5, Recent Wins: (Proof/Screencaps) [ move ] [img ] Screenshots! [ img ][ move ]

User 2: My Scores - Correct: 5, Screencaps: [ move ] [img ] Screenshots! [ img ][ move ]

User 3: ...

[size=12pt]Question Guidelines:

Questions should have a definite answer. Example: What is Talmeras idea of fun? (Avoid this: The answer could be anything)
Questions should have a definite time limit, prefferably with an ending time if it is a long one. Example:  Answers from previous questions could be confused with current questions, this keeps things tidy.
The difficulty of the question should be scaled to the time limit of the question. Example: What is Tom Hanks homephone number? 5 Minutes! How could you possibly answer that in 5 minutes?

Scoring Rules:

The first to answer correctly and in time gets the score but only if they post it on the scoreboard.
You can Google it, ain't nobody gonna judge.
Your answer must be proceded by something along the lines of "Shoutbox Q" so it isnt confused with normal shoutbox traffic.
You must get proof for the scoreboard! Copy the text or take a screenshot.
[sup]Final rules and listings to be added![/sup]

I think it will ruin the shoutbox... I think this could be a thread game. What is to stop someone from googling the answer? Maybe not a well thought out idea, too easy to cheat.
[Image: rekt-o.gif]
Y'know, if somebody doesn't mind hosting an IRC server there's great trivia bots out there that do this kind of thing.
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I do not see the point in this.
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So basically what you're asking is to clutter the shoutbox with pointless trivia with a time limit on a forum filled with people from a variety of time-zones who all have access to google.

Is there a single good thing about this idea?

Uh, guys, the answer is no, for the record.


                    On Scoreboard:

                                Champion: Taroken6 with 1 Point

                                Top Ten Players: Taroken6

                              1) Taroken6: 1 point.

                              2) ???

                              Loser: FRAGMAGNET.
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After posting this I was like: aww s*** this is a bad idea, burn me at the stake now  :'(
(03-15-2013, 07:28 PM)HypnoprisM link Wrote:After posting this I was like: aww s*** this is a bad idea, burn me at the steak now  :'(

Steak is meat you eat.
Just make a Thread and see if people catch on.
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(03-15-2013, 07:32 PM)Mulldozer link Wrote:*stake.
Steak is meat you eat.

Kick me while I'm down, thanks Mulldozer haha  Big Grin
Yeah well in my sleepy early morning hours of my first class I wasn't very "aware" of my postings. It was like 6:00 in the morning after 2 hours of sleep. God I love college...

I'm ashamed to say that I spent like an hour jotting down the idea.

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