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Automerge Revision
In threads like my mapping tracking threads, where each reply is an update, it's counter-intuitive to force double posts to automerge.
This results in the thread never showing a new post to other users, and as such, the thread would fade into obscurity, even after release.

Some suggestions, depending on what's possible:
Limit automerge to posts made within x hours/one day of each other.
Disable automerge for posters that started the thread they are posting in.
Give users an option to enable/disable automerging in forum options.
Unfortunately all 3 of those options are not possible, it's unique situations like this that are the downsides to the auto merge system. :/<br />A wake up call<br /><br />Always forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them so much. - Oscar Wilde
Hmmm how about implementing a bump button of some sort. I've seen in other forums where people can actually click a button and it bumps the topic and then the buttons goes into cooldown. You can only do this on your own thread.
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Bumping is something that usually moderators/admins are only allowed to do. I can't seem to find that option with this forum software. And even if it were there, it would be abused if given to everybody.
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I dunno. I've always been more of a fan of letting the moderation team handle double posting. It's easy when you have a structure.

1st offense, warn, delete post.
2nd offense, warn, delete post.
3rd offense, infract, delete post.
4th offense, hourban, delete post.
5th offense, dayban, moderate posts.
Any further offenses after moderation is removed, weekban for each time.

I got more complaints when we had automerge software when I worked for b-w than times I had to repeatedly tell kids to quit doubleposting.

To me, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits. It's not protecting your forum from massive attacks, it's just a convenience thing, and you should never sacrifice functionality for convenience.
I don't really see the issue with double posting. "Wow he posted twice in a row, he must be trying to get his post count up" or something. Usually when people double post they are just trying to add extra information to the discussion, not trying to clutter or spam. This automerge thing is more annoying than useful and frankly  it's stupid.
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The problem I had with people double posting was that 3-4 people would jump on the bandwagon of telling a single person to stop double posting. All that resulted in was adding to the clutter. Is it absolutely necessary to make a post in a thread, sometimes even several, that says "stop double posting"? No. That was the problem I aiming to solve when I suggested this mod.

Thank you guys for the input though, this kinda stuff is important and helpful to making sure everybody gets the best forum experience possible.

Revision proposals:

Option 1:
This should be working. I can play around with it I guess to see why it isn't working it if isn't. It should be set lower than 14 days I think.
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Option 2:
Quote:Manual Merge: You can set a permission and allow Merge the Double Post own or any.

Manual Merge: The manual merge double post is logged in the Moderation Action Log.
Perhaps we could turn on the manual merge to make it more something that we, the forum staff, need to look out for and manage accordingly. The forum rule listed below should also be added if we enact this option.

Option 3:
1) Auto-Merge Double Posts will be disabled.

2) Forum rule on double posting will be added:
Quote:#) Double posting is allowed if you are adding content to your own thread. Double posting in other sections will result in the following consequences:
Action on Post
Additional Actions
[tr][td]1st[/td][td]Post Merge[/td][td]Warning[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]2nd[/td][td]Post Removal[/td][td]Warning[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]3rd[/td][td]Post Removal[/td][td]1 Day Forum Ban[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]4th and consequent[/td][td]Post Removal[/td][td]1 Week Forum Ban[/td][/tr]

# + 1) Enforcement of forum rules will be the sole job of the forum staff. That includes all issuing of warnings (they will be done via the Forum Warning system which will send private messages with warnings). If you feel you should need to inform somebody about a forum rule that they are violating - do so in a private chat or PM, not in an other post. Alternatively you may message forum staff (check the main page to see who is on the staff).

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Double Posting for mapping threads only? On mapping threads only because I guess some maps are constantly filled with screenshots
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(11-19-2013, 11:08 PM)chicken789 link Wrote: Double Posting for mapping threads only? On mapping threads only because I guess some maps are constantly filled with screenshots

That would presumably be your own thread so yeah it'd be ok, I guess.
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Hmm, is there a chance on having option 2 and 3? That would seem to work well.
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