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What I've Been Up To
So, since I've been busy with my personal life and all, I've taken up a few new games and started playing a few old ones to keep me preoccupied with any free time I have had.


On Steam, I still have the name Ampz and am currently playing CS:GO and the Binding of Isaac Rebirth.

I want to play League more again, so I plan to sometime soon and my summoner name is Ampz and I'm Bronze I.

I got a 3DS last October and have been playing Smash Bros for 3DS and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. My friend code is 2036-9052-6580

And lastly, I got a WiiU and have been playing Smash Bros for WiiU and my Nintendo Network ID is Ampz325.

If you're ever interested in playing let me know!
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hai ampz
[Image: Monstruo.gif] <br /><br />Hey, listen. If you are stressed and really need someone to talk to PM me, I'll always be there.<br /><br />The stupid, innocent girl is always on my mind.
I had planned on getting the Wii U, but then I thought "Fuck it"
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