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RULES: Test Server - Stop It Slender
The webpage for the rules in game is located <<here>> this forum post will elaborate on them.

Pretty much the entirety of the rules contained here run on common sense and human decency so unless you are a giant twat waffle you should be fine. if you have those 2 qualities you can skip to rule (9).

  1. RDMing
      [li]Random DeathMatch (RDM) is the act of attacking another player without evidence or being provoked.
    • Killing on suspicion alone is RDM and attempting to avoid punishment will result in a ban.
  2. Ghosting
      [li]Ghosting also known as meta-gaming is the act of using an outside source to gain an advantage over other players, usually this manifests itself as players telling information through Skype or Ventrilo.
    • Anyone caught using such methods will be punished immediately.
  3. Hacking
    • [li]Using third-party programs to alter gameplay is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate ban.
  4. Harassment/Offensive Conduct
      [li]Be respectful in your conduct to others.
    • If you have an issue with the conduct of another player, you may ask that an admin intervene.
  5. Sprays
      [li]No one wants to have to look over there shoulder when playing so do not use sprays that are obscene, racist or pornographic in nature.
    • This means no pinups or shock content.
  6. Advertisements
      [li]Promoting other servers or posting IP addresses is extremely rude and not allowed.
    • This really shouldn't need to be said but attempting to hassle people for trades (TF2 style or for Games)  is not allowed.
  7. Links
      [li]Links that break other rules such as porn links or links to other servers are not allowed.
    • Do not use link shorteners such as or tiny url.
  8. Names
      [li]Using confusing names such as "Traitor" or "Nobody" is not allowed.
    • Names that are designed to insult or be unreadable are also not allowed.
    • In the event that two or more people have very similar names, it is up to the Modmins on at the time to decide who changes their name.

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