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Silenced Sniper
[Image: LoSAxty.png]  Silenced Sniper 

Quote:  - Added extra reserve magazine (5/10 ammo on purchase)
  - Slightly increased firing speed
  - Slightly increased recoil

Previous changes

Quote:  - Victims no longer scream when killed
  - Added significant damage fall-off at long distances (can no longer instantly kill armored opponents with a single headshot starting at medium-long range)
  - Ammunition can no longer be replenished with Scout/Rifle ammo
  - Deploy speed is now much slower

Quote:  - Updated icon

[size=12pt]I would like to start off this argument by saying that yes, I can agree that the silenced sniper rifle was slightly overpowered. However, I feel that some of the changes made were way out of the realm of necessity and should be altered or slightly tweaked.

The fact that victims no longer scream when killed could be considered a plus, however, when you weigh it next to the slower pullout speed of the sniper as well as the lesser damage at long range, the negatives blatantly overpower the positives. To start with the headshot drop-off nerf, the item in question is considered a sniper rifle. Thus, it would be logical for the weapon to have a substantially greater range compared to other weapons such as the ak-47(great addition). However, with the nerf, the silenced sniper rifle(SR) can not be used as well due to one of its greatest qualities, its range, being nerfed and not being a one shot kill at long range. I feel this is injustice to the SR. I can understand the SR's range against armored opponents being slightly reduced at extremely long range, however medium range should barely be altered, [u]if at all. [/u]

Next up is the change that really erked me, the deploy speed. The deploy speed makes the weapon slow, clunky, and inefficient. Without a doubt, the weapon was fast. However, I feel that the amount of time added to the silenced sniper makes the weapon more difficult than necessary to use. The nerf essentially crippled the weapon because you are forcing the weapon to become purely long range and with the damage drop off nerf, the weapon will be ineffective due to its lowered damage. Thus the weapon becomes obsolete compared to the other weapons in the TTT arsenal such as the deagle or (if i dare mention it) the normal rifle. The normal rifle, i personally hate, but I would resort to using that rifle over the SR in its current state. This patch outcome saddens me as it hurts a playstyle that i quite enjoy and have become known for using. I may seem biased here but I can assure you I am simply saying these things from the perspective of someone who only wants the best for the server and its population.

All I ask is for you to consider the points I made here, whether you act on them is up to you. I simply want my opinion known. Thank you for your time.
[img width=357 height=200][/img]
I'm glad you are willing to speak politely about the changes, it's clear you're very attached to the silenced sniper. I'll explain why we did this.

We did not make these changes without consideration of level design on popular maps, the balance of other weapons and equipment(the disguiser in particular), or the people that purchase the weapon frequently. We tediously tweaked the range and decreased the deploy speed so that it would be used in its intended role: a weapon that is great at picking people off at range silently.

The lack of a victim screaming when shot on any part of the body is not just a minor buff. Most players do not realize the sound of a corpse falling over. It will make it that much more difficult to find the body or know that someone has just died, which is very important information in a game like TTT.

You claim that the deploy speed is a problem because you want to be able to use it up close, but that's pretty OP to be frank. Allowing the weapon to be useful at close range defeats the purpose of it being a sneaky long range option. It should be most powerful when you are sitting in a window while watching your back as you take a few shots and then get out of there. It's not quick-draw sort of gun. Keep in mind that it's still 20% faster than the default draw animation.

You claim that it's too weak at long range. At the maximum distance (which is fairly long) you can hit unarmored opponents for 90. That's almost all of your health. You can still appear as "Healthy" and die instantly even when your opponent is practically invisible in a corner somewhere, ready to run to safety or get rid of the evidence if necessary in no time at all. And if you don't die, you'll have at most 10 health, which is easily remedied by another shot anywhere on the body.

The silenced sniper used to be a quiet deagle with a scope and unlimited range that you could purchase on demand. It isn't any longer. You say you'd rather use the normal rifle, but again the deploy speed is not that bad and this weapon is silenced. Though I feel this sniper is still fairly powerful, time will tell if something needs tweaked. I wouldn't like having my bread and butter messed with either, but you have to take a step back and realize just why you liked to use it so much. It was extremely effective for both the wrong and right reasons. I hope you'll continue to use the weapon, you should be able to find success with it if used properly.

Thank you for giving your feedback, it's important that people give their two cents. Let me know if you disagree with something I've said here and why.

* After giving it a bit of thought, I think the weapon could use a faster fire rate. That should make the second shot in the event of an enemy not immediately dying easier. The weapon has almost no recoil currently as well.
After seeing the logic behind the changes I can understand why the changes were made. I am willing to get used to the new SR, its not like my cries fell on deaf ears.  Thank you for your time and I'm glad to see changes are being made where its necessary.
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